About me

My interest in photography began around 10 yrs ago when I was living in Belize unfortunately my equipment was limited to a 1 megapixel camera (yes there was such a thing!). I then moved to Nepal and acquired a basic DSLR and became truly addicted to photography. I completed the OCA Art of Photography course. Circumstances then took me back to England where I completed a Foundation Degree in Digital Photography with MMU. I moved back to Nepal and began OCA Your Own Portfolio, which I have just completed and am now studying  Advanced Photography. I enjoy photographing people in their own environment and try to capture a feel for the environment. Previous projects have included Slum life in Kathmandu and the concept of partial/ambiguous images stimulating the imagination. I'm a keen fell walker and dabble in Lake District landscape photography. I love travel and ideally would like to work on projects which explore the diversity of different cultures particularly in areas such as Northern or Central Africa, or the Himalayan countries. As I can’t currently afford the time or funds for such undertakings, I am endeavoring to do a similar type of project on a much smaller scale in my home county of Cumbria.