Wednesday, 23 March 2011

It's been a while

I've not been doing much blogging of late. Things have been rather hectic as I've now got a 16-30hr week job to content with as well as my numerous other commitments. I had hoped to have more time to put into my degree work and complete it within a year this seems unlikely now, still I may pick up a few things while I'm working. Before I began the course I had also signed up to climb mount Kenya in September, so some training will have to kick in soon, this actually helps my work as i tend to think more clearly when walking up hills than when sitting in front of the computer being bombarded with too much information. I can watch a program such as that on the work of James Ravilious (link below) and digest it and think about it as I walk, maybe I see similar scenes when I set out to walk along the valley and up to Great Gable. perhaps I see the opposite and consider what style would best convey the realities of modern life in the Lake District. Perhaps I simply clear my mind, empty ready for the thoughts to rush into when I return to my computer.

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Ravilious produces photography which are both painterly and social documentary. He captures the beauty of rural life without compromising too much of the reality. His style is perhaps a little on the romantic side and only documentary through chance not design. I believe he set out to capture and convey the beauty of rural living, deliberately leaving out the more ugly realities. Beauty of course is in the eye of the beholder, but Ravilious was brought up in an artistic household and himself originally trained in fine art, this painterly view has carried over into his work. I enjoy the way he conveys an intimate view of day to day routine, recording the passing life and preserving memories. He talked to his subjects and was genuinely interested in them and this easy relationship show in photos.

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